The Best 8 Units will be Covered in your Lash Extensions Course

The Best 8 Units will be Covered in your Lash Extensions Course

Learn with The College of Dermal Therapies’ the latest trend for enhancing natural lash lift and tinting by completing a lash extensions course. Eye Lash and Tint course are a great way to expand your existing business and offer your clients longer and darker-looking lashes. Lash Extensions Course has massively increased in popularity as it helps all stylists, from the aspiring to the well-trained and highly skilled veteran, to hone on their craft further.


It means that as a stylist, beautician, or lash technician, you will have a Lash Extensions Course qualification to back up your knowledge which may help with personal career development.


What is a lash extensions course?

A lash extensions course covers the specifics of applying eyelash extensions then looking at the physiology and anatomy of eyes and lashes. The College of Dermal Therapies lash extensions course is taught by trainers with many years of experience. Lash extensions course application has grown substantially in recent years, and that is why the College of Dermal Therapies have created a lash extensions course that caters to these demands. The lash extensions course allows you to either get your foot in the door being an eyelash technician or further your career in this role or a similar one, such as a highly trained stylist or beautician.


What are the Lash Extensions Course Entry Requirements?

What do you need to apply for The College of Dermal Therapies lash extensions course? The lash extensions courses are open for anyone to enter. You don’t need any experience or specific qualifications.


What will you learn in your lash extensions course?

You will learn the following skills in your lash extensions course:


  • You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the hair structure and anatomy
  • You will learn how to lift lashes without causing damage
  • Then you will learn how to design lashes for different eye shapes

What is included in the lash extensions course?

The following 8 units will be covered in your lash extensions course:


  1. Hygiene and Safety when completing lash extensions.
  1. Sanitisation before, during, and after the procedure.
  1. Consultation aftercare services for your clients.
  1. Contra-indications.
  1. Analysis and then the colour application.
  1. Natural extensions that look beautiful.
  1. How to use the kit and full training.
  1. The application and removal of eyelash products.

A lash extensions course has plenty of benefits and is arguably worth the money to improve your eyelash extensions skills and knowledge. It can really boost your career by offering your clients an excellent beauty procedure. The College of Dermal Therapies has developed a lash extensions course that is in-depth and gives students all the tools they need to feel confident in completing the procedure in their own salon or as a mobile beautician. Many lash extensions course courses help everyone improve their skills, from DIY enthusiasts and complete beginners to established beauticians.


Contact The College of Dermal Therapies today for more information on how a lash extensions course can boost your skills, knowledge, and personal development with highly skilled teachers and professionals.