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Nationally Accredited Skin Penetration licence certificate value ($500)

Master Class Course Package 1

  • Brows Master Class: Ombr√©/Powder Brow/Feather Brow techniques.
  • Lash Extensions Course: Classic / Russian Volume techniques
  • Mastery Brow Course: Brow Lamination Henna Brow Lash Tinting Sculpting Mapping  Shaping Waxing.
  • Teeth Whitening Course: Complete Training and Kit Included
  • Fruit Enzyme Peel: Removes dead skin cells which cause premature aging.
  • Nationally Accredited Skin Penetration certificate value $500

Detailed Explanation of Courses Offered

Advanced Powder Brow/Ombre Brow/Feather Brow Techniques Machine and Kit Included 

Become an expert in powder/Ombre brows the most popular semi permanent eyebrow technique.


Learners will be taught  a structured curriculum consultation  photographing brows, setting up of work area sterilisation of treatment room  hygiene and safety protocol. Using 3D shading effect artistic flare for design in ombre/powder brow techniques  colour and shading technique. Shapes symmetry, drawing measuring techniques placement of pigment and choice of pigment colours. Anaesthetic protocols usage and after care.   Live supervised models.

Classic Lash Extensions Lash- Extension Starter Kit Included

Lash extensions Classic lashes /Russian Volume lashes are a big trend in the eye lash industry. Classic lash extensions add length to a natural eye lash and make lashes more noticeable. volume lashes offer full luminous and dramatic eye lash.


  • Hygiene safety
  • Design perfect lashes for different eye shapes /removal old lashes/refill eye lash extensions.
  • Difference between classic and volume lashes.
  • Consultation and aftercare. Live supervised live models

Teeth Whitening Course - Professional Teeth Whitening Light and Kit Included

Teeth Whitening treatment can change your customers lives a tooth can become 5 to 6 shades brighter and make tooth colour look young and healthy.


Dermal Skin Needling

Dermal needling is one of the most powerful and anti-ageing treatments in the beauty industry using  tiny microscope  needles to control precision channel into the dermal and epidermal regions of the skin. These tiny needles cause multiple, tiny micro punctures in the dermis to stimulate growth factors and post traumatic response produces collagen and elastin.


  • Health /hygiene and safety
  • Origins of skin needling
  • Understand different skin conditions contra indications treatments parameters wound healing consultation/after care for client.
  • Live supervised models.


Dermaplaning is a popular new treatment that involves the use of surgical scalpel to immediately rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells and vellus hair. This treatment is  effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, whilst leaving skin smooth supple and vibrant.


  • Hygiene /health and safety history and purpose of dermaplaning.
  • Treatment preparation consultation /after care
  • Manoeuvring the instrument
  • Supervised live model.


Microdermabrasion is a non -invasive exfoliating and skin rejuvenation procedure. It is used for skin conditions including fine lines, acne rejuvenation and sun damaged skin.


  • Health/safety hygiene theory behind microdermabrasion
  • Contra-indications consultation and after care
  • Perform a basic facial and work on supervised models.

Fruit Enzyme Peel

Fruit Enzyme peel is made from fruit enzymes. It both nourishes and sloughs off dead skin cells which cause premature aging leaving skin looking fresher and younger.

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