Microblading Brisbane

Microblading Brisbane

Achieving flawless eyebrows at home is tricky, which is why you should consider a licensed Microblading Brisbane service. In case you haven’t heard of microblading before; it’s a specialised tattooing technique that results in semi-permanent brows. The semi-permanent results fade much faster than permanent make-up, which is better if you’re afraid of something longer-lasting. Finding a qualified microblading salon is critical to achieving the best results and ensuring a safe procedure. But how do you know if a salon is suitable or not?

What to look for in a microblading Brisbane service

1). Maintains the highest infection control standards
2). Appropriate licensing
3). Adherence to age restriction policies
4). Regular passed inspections
5). Certification of approval displayed openly to prove their professional capacity

How to find a reputable microblading Brisbane service

Finding a salon with appropriate licensing is the only way to be sure of their competency. In Brisbane, employees who perform microblading procedures must have infection control certification to ensure the safest outcome. Check with the salon to be sure that each employee has certification before receiving any treatment.

How to prepare for your microblading service

Being prepared for your microblading appointment will make the whole process go smoothly. There are certain things you can do to help guarantee the best results, which include;

1). Avoid waxing and spray tanning
2). Skip alpha-hydroxy products, retinoids, and even exfoliating treatments for two weeks prior
3). Don’t take any blood thinners, alcohol, or aspirin for one week prior
4). Always check with the salon for any specific recommendations before your treatment

What to expect during the procedure

Firstly, the technician will inspect your eyebrows to get a better idea of your natural brow shape. Then they will pencil in your brows, which will look thicker than the final results.

Once the process starts, the technician blends the pigment to match your natural brow colour closely. Applying the tattooing takes tiny hair-like strokes using a microblade.

Microblading requires several layers and can get uncomfortable, especially during the first. The salon will apply a numbing cream to lessen your discomfort.

What to expect after the procedure

For a few days following your microblading session, expect some tenderness around your brows. The immediate results are also up to 70% darker than the final look, so be prepared for a couple of days with darker brows than anticipated.

The most significant inconvenience is that you’re aren’t supposed to get them wet for two weeks, which means no sweating either. You will need to protect the area for the first week, and the salon should provide you with a cream to wear.

The results

While results vary from person to person, visiting a qualified salon guarantees the best outcome. Always follow directions given by your technician and be sure to stick with any aftercare treatment suggestions.

The results will be flawless eyebrows that need no reapplying for between 12 to 18-months.

If you struggle with perfectly shaping your brows or don’t have time to paint them every day should consider a more permanent solution. Visiting a qualified microblading Brisbane salon, you can achieve glamorous results in only two sessions.

Where to learn microblading

At the College of Dermal Therapies, we train you in all areas of microblading, from beginners to advanced techniques. Contact us today for more information.

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