Micro Feathering Eyebrows

Micro Feathering Eyebrows

Are you thinking about transforming your eyebrows? Or want a more permanent solution to daily scratching of eye pencils? Well, you should check this guide on micro feathering eyebrows.

What is Micro Feathering Eyebrows?

Micro feathering eyebrows or eyebrow feathering is a procedure used to create thick and natural-looking eyebrows, by filling the spaces between the natural brows.

It involves the use of a blade to produce minute cuts. A dye is then applied on the incised part, creating a semi-permanent, soft and natural-looking eyebrows.

What Is The Difference Between Micro Feathering And Microblading

Both micro-blading and micro feathering are tattooing techniques that use incision to mimic the natural hair. However, they differ in terms of execution and final results. In essence, micro-blading works well with thin brows, while micro feathering produces excellent results on full-grown eyebrows, with sparse areas.

Is Micro Feathering Process Painful?

Eye feathering process is not painful as many may think. Though some people may feel a little discomfort, applying numbing cream before the procedure may relieve any friction experienced during the process.

How Long Does Micro Feathering Last?

Micro feathering is a semi-permanent procedure, meaning it won’t stay forever. Depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, age and aftercare management, eye feathering may last somewhere between 8 to 12 months.

Will You Still Need an Eyebrow Pencil After?

The decision to use an eyebrow pencil after the eye feathering will depend on your preference. There are no restrictions pertaining addition of more make up. However, be aware that you will need to wait for at least seven days or more before you begin applying the products. Are There Risks Associated With Micro Eye Feathering? Eye feathering is a safe technique. There are no significant injuries associated with the process. However, some people may experience:

• Redness

• Swelling

• Itching

The Do’s and Don’ts After Eye Feathering

So what should you avoid after feathering? And what should you avoid?

• Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for the first two weeks after eye feathering. Long-time sun exposure may cause colour fading

• Do not use soap or any cleansers on the treated part during the first 24 hours

• Do not pluck, wax or bleach hairs on treated part for at least three weeks after treatment

• Avoid applying makeup for the first 48 hours after treatment. Some types of makeup contain chemicals that may create infections on the treated part

• Avoid scraping the treated area

So Why Should You Go For Micro Feathering Eyebrows Training?

In the current age, having good looks builds self-esteem. That’s why eye feathering has become more popular across different age groups. This is mainly because it is semi-permanent (it will fade away with time), relatively cheap and non-invasive.

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