Eye Brow And Microblading Training Courses

CDT Certified Eye Brow And Microblading Courses

The Ultimate Eye Brow And Microblading 
Training Courses

This ultimate eye brow and microblading training course not only covers brow tattoo, it includes shaping of the eye brows using the machine and the feather touch brow hand tool technique. 
Our highly experienced trainers will give you the skills to implement these techniques. 
Our advanced Feather Touch Ombre/Powder and Hybrid Feathering technique for experienced technicians, which involves blending colours and hues to ensure eye brows are given a vivid, defined look.

Feather touch feathering hair stroke, microblading or embroided brows course

All mimic hair strokes to create a defined and natural looking eye brow. This style can be done with a machine or a hand tool.

Powder or Ombre Brow

Are a softer shaded style of brow that has replaced previous heavier style of “Block” brow to give a more natural look. Powder Brow and Ombre Brow is a shaded application of colour that is denser through the arch and mimics brushed powder brow make up.

Designer, Hybrid or Combination Brows

Are just as the name suggests. You can choose to add hair strokes to your powder or Ombre brow for the ultimately defined natural looking brow.

Ultimate Brow And Microblading Training Course

INCLUDES KIT - Machine -Microblading Tool-Pigment Inks-Needles-Pigment Holder-Practice skins- 
Medical Marker -Special Eye pencil -Pigment Cups-Caliper- Microblades -Accessories for Machine 
You must complete SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards prior to your microbalding course as well as your theory assessment for this brow course Infection Control Cost $450 You will require models –Your model will need to pay $70 each procedure to cover costs of pigments and consumables used for their procedure.

One Day


Introduction to Micro Blade Eye Brow Technique

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Two Days


Feather Touch Eye Brow Technique

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Three Days


Feather /Ombre Eye Brow Technique

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Four Days


Feather/Ombre/ Hybrid Eye Brow Technique

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Eye Brows And Microblading Training Course Pictures Below Designed by Students

Course Cost $3,500

Two Day Advanced Course Skin Needling Scar Revision includes kit DR. Pen plus 10 cartilages

Course Cost $3,500

Two Day Advanced Course Paramedical and Scar Camouflage

Learn to re-colour of the Areola Scar and Breast reconstruction for women who have undergone breast surgery or who have irregular or fading areola nipples Areola can be created where surgery has changed the natural appearance Scar camouflage is suitable for patients surgical scars burn marks vitiligo natural hypo-pigmentation birthmarks. 

Includes machine pigment inks needles pigment holder caliper medical marker plus training kit. 

You will need to complete SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards course plus theory prior to your practical training.

Course Cost $3,500

One Day Advanced Course Skin Needling Scar Revision

Stay on top of the latest beauty industry with our intensive course. Skin needing creates micro-injuries to produce collagen and elastin.

  • Reduces Keloid scars and surgical scars
  • Reduces Acne Scarring
  • Reduces Stretch Marks
  • Reduces Pore Size

Course Cost $5,500

Two Day Advanced Scalp Micro Pigmentation

This technique allows the replication of hair follicles in the scalp, which gives the appearance of having a buzz cut or recently shaved head. If you would like to add scalp micro pigmentation to your services that you currently offer your clients will need to consider how you will acquire the skills and knowledge of a competent scalp micropigmentation therapist.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation can assist with the following

  • Create a look of cropped hair
  • Alopecia
  • Receding Hairline, Crown Balding,
  • Camouflage Scarring including hair transplant surgery
  • Birthmarks Burns

Pigment Inks

We use only specifically designed pigment inks for micro pigmentation for the scalp.

You will need to complete SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards plus your theory prior to your practical days. Course Cost $495.

Includes machine 3 x scalp pigment inks from America needles medical marker practice scalp head caliper special marker for scalp plus kit

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