A Guide into Eyebrow Training Courses in Australia

A Guide into Eyebrow Training Courses in Australia

There are many eyebrow training courses to consider in Australia. Registered training institutions offer many while others are not. These courses should be provided by a training organisation that is duly registered. The Academy of Advanced Skin and Laser Training is an excellent example to consider. It is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 40895. They offer a host of eyebrow courses starting with the basics to advanced level. The following is a delve into these courses and what they entail. Choosing the right course from the right institution is essential.

Fundamental eyebrow training courses

If you have always been passionate about training to become a cosmetic tattoo technician, with no relevant prior training, you must start with the basics. All learners must complete the SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards course first. This is where students are taught how to maintain the highest level of hygiene to prevent infection while handling their clients. Eyebrow tattooing can be intrusive and requires impeccable levels of hygiene. There are specific standards that must be observed, and to this end, no learner can proceed with any other course before completing and passing this one. It is essential to look at the prerequisite courses in your locality before taking advanced brow training courses.

Eyebrow training courses that introduce you to microblading

SHBBSKS003 Design and Provide Cosmetic course will usher you into the world of eyebrow tattoos. You can look forward to both theoretical and practical training. You will learn various techniques for creating the perfect brows. Among others, you will learn brow feather hair strokes, powder shading, brow correction and more. At the end of your training, you will be able to create designer brows, combination or hybrid brows. You will be introduced to the various tools and machines used in professional microblading. Feather brows are highly popular, and to this effect, you will learn the latest techniques to create the most natural-looking tattoo brows.

Advanced courses

These are eyebrow tattoo courses that take you deeper into the various techniques used. Learners can use various accessories to take their skills to a new height. From special eye pencil to medical markers, there is all manner of equipment used to create the perfect results. At the Academy of Advanced Skin and Laser Training, student kits are provided to make the learning process seamless. Some of the kits include pigment cups, special brow markers, practice skins, pigment holders, pigment inks, needles and many more.

Qualified trainers are important

At the academy, you will find accredited and experienced trainers who are always updating their knowledge to keep up with the trends. The instructors are passionate about molding learners to become the best technicians to cater to industry demands. The trainers will provide one on one support while considering the needs of every student individually. People have different learning abilities, and this is taken into account. Quality eyebrow training cannot happen without the input of qualified and experienced trainers. Eyebrow training courses in Australia continue to help many people turn their passions into incomes.

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